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03/08/2005 Toooooooooooooo damn tired for it today, couldn't sleep until 4am for some reason. Then woken at 9am by some random stupid noises. This after 3am the night before and 5am the night before that. Not happy.
CLT: nothing cus I'm going to bed as soon as this is uploaded.

Thursday morning edit: AH HAH!! I now have a perfectly valid reason for not having done a strip. The lovely Blackened of NUTCRACKER (which is incidentally an excellent comic) drew me some nicey nicey fan-art which is going to replace 10 minute filler, so you better like it or you're going to hell.
31/07/2005 Woo I like the shading & lighting & all that stuff-ness in this comic. The dialogue's kinda crap but it's a sorta necessary strip, Chris needs to be saved. AH well that's about it for now, I think.
CLT: Current 93 - The Blood Bells Chime.
27/07/2005 Ok this is stupid & crap, I didn't want to do a real strip so you get random acid-trip or somethingness. If you can make sense, good. If not, consider it filler.
CLT: Godspeed You Black Emporer - 09-15-00 (Part One)
25/07/2005 I had this ready last night but I was called out on loneliness-relief duty & didn't have time to put it up. So here it is+blah dee blah. Ejnoy nejoy jenoy enjoy.
Oh yeah,listening to: Neurosis - The Time of the Beasts. Great great song.
20/07/2005 Ok an update! Well done me, it's been HOW long? (checks) Ok it's been a week but whatever keep your pants or hair or face or any other things on. Blah.
What's new in the state of Oklahoma? I have no idea since I live in Ireland. Dublin to be precise. And I'm not going to be any more precise than that since anyone reading now has my full name & city I live in. Stalking is easy enough. Well... I'm going to stop before I scare anyone away from my comic because I'm desperate enough for readers as it is.
Ooh new "ahem" feature, let's put what I'm currently listening to as I post this update in, so this can be a cool & groovy music-orientated site as well as just a comic one. So CLT: Eels - Last Stop: This Town.
K that was easy. Enjoy -Hugh.
18/07/2005 OK so I didn't do any comic today. Instead I entered the OBG into the 2005 Mr Keenspace competition (super-exclamation-mark-of-sarcasm) ! Which you can find on this page here. So you go look + like. And all that. Pictures are up on extras page too.

Also got some fanart (woo or w00 or whatever I'm supposed to say to sound happy & excited, yeah?) from JBerserk of Billy The Perverted Wonder Boy (and I did some for him, which HE HASN'T CREDITED ME FOR ON HIS SITE *AHEM*) which you can look at here (or on the extras page if you do so desire).

Anyway think that's it, be good.

by Hugh.

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